Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Arrival in Bujumbura

After many miles in the sky I arrived in Burundi yesterday afternoon at 2:30pm. Having left my house in Cleveland Heights at 4:15am the previous day I was pretty exhausted and took a good nap in the afternoon. I settled in and unpacked, had dinner and hung out with my housemates before going to bed. 

I am living just outside of town with a handful of young adults from the US, France, Sweeden, and Burundi at the moment. The house is quite lovely! 

All I've done so far today is finish my book (The Color Purple by Alice Walker), done some yoga and relaxed. More updates when I am more recovered from the jet lag! Here are some pictures! 

Goodbye Cleveland and Lake Erie! 

The world'a smallest airport. 

TSA had fun with my duffel, which is now going into early retirement. Or at least a sabbatical. 

My lovely home for the next 4 months! 

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  1. So sorry to have missed your commissioning and saying goodbye as we were on our own adventures! Sounds like you are settling in and taking good care of yourself! Know that our love, prayers and support are with you on this next adventure of yours, as always! Looking forward to hearing more...until then..xo