Friday, August 28, 2015

Red Jacket Dedication

As most people know by now, I will be doing a year of service with City Year in Cleveland this year! I am so excited for this opportunity to serve my community while furthering my own personal and leadership development. 

City Year is an Americorps program and nonprofit serving cities across the U.S. Corps members work in schools towards the eradication of the drop out crisis. This is done by working with a targeted group of students in math, English/language arts, attendance, and behavior. 

I will be proudly serving 3rd grade at Mound STEM School in Slavic Village for the next ten month! 

City Year is known for wearing the City Year uniform and the iconic "Red Jacket". At today's Red Jacket Ceremony I was presented with my own red jacket and all of the responsibilities that go with it. 

I chose to dedicate my red jacket to two things this year. First of all, I dedicated my red jacket to my mom, for intentionally raising me to value diversity and the humanity of others, even when those around me didn't. I also dedicated my red jacket to Holy Cross School in Grahamstown, South Africa. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support me and my growth on this journey. I'm looking forward to the next ten month of service for City Year and using the skills and blessings given to me by my mom and HC specifically to affect change in my community. 

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