Friday, December 12, 2014

A Detour...

In Burundi there are many detours. There are detours to avoid traffic, to avoid the president's road when he blocks traffic to go play football (soccer) on Fridays, detours to see someone in the hospital before going home, detours that lead you on a 3 hour adventure through Bujumbura when you thought you where just going to grab a coke, detours that lead you to what seems like a million other places that leave no time for what you had originally set out to do, car problem detours, detours to buy a truck worth of fruit and vegetables on the way back to town, detours that lead to ice cream, detours that lead to new friends...

Many detours.

 Yesterday I decided to take another detour. Instead of traveling to Rwanda this week like I had planned (I should know better than to make plans) I will be leaving for the United States on Monday to take care of some health problems.

Turkey Carving!
 No, I don't have Ebola. I have been having Crohn's problems for the last few weeks and can't get treatment for it in Burundi. After two weeks I will go back to Burundi (and then head immediately for a previously planned trip to South Africa). I am not terminating my position, just need to get my health together in order to serve better.

The Crew
 I am sad to be leaving Burundi, but know I will return and know that I am so lucky to be able to travel to the US to get the treatment I need. An unintended consequence is spending Christmas with my family, which I am also thankful for, though I will miss all of my friends and family of Burundi on this holiday.

Brand new bikes help support the church's ministry!
The last few weeks I've been taking more Kirundi lessons, going to weddings, celebrating the 16 Days of awareness for SGBV, and writing a report with other provincial staff on masculinities and SGBV in Makamba (I feel like I'm writing my ISP from study abroad all over again).


The garden starting to grow that Emily and I built! 


  1. It will be great to see you, and great for you to get better, and great to send you off again with our prayers and love!

  2. Detours and mixed emotions...pretty much the stuff of life. Prayers for health and wholeness (and a little selfish one that I can see you). May your journey home bring well being.

  3. Glad you will be home, and so sorry about that mean Crohn's. Love you sweetie.