Monday, November 17, 2014

Between the Lines: More to Read!

While you're waiting for updates from me, here are some other blogs you might want to check out!

These two are from fellow Americans living in Burundi! : 

Emily Ambrose works for the Province of the Anglican Church in Burundi as well! She is here doing projects with the development office related to agriculture and nutrition. She's here on part of her program from Cornell University with Episcopal Relief & Development. I've been lucky enough to work alongside her during her time here. 

Amy Marsico is working for the Friends Women's Association in Burundi as a Conflict and Peace-Building Practitioner. She does amazing work with this organization in the areas of providing health-care particularly to vulnerable women and people who are HIV+, empowering women, and peace-building initiatives. 

I also want to share the blogs of my fellow YASCers! They are working all over the world in service! 

Willie Lutes is in South Africa! He's working in communications for the Anglican Church of Southern Africa Environmental Network and Anglican Communion Environmental Network in Cape Town. Basically he is working hard and saving the planet from environmental destruction! He's helping to create a movement from within the Anglican Communion to address these issues. 

Kirsten Lowell is an amazing young woman working in Uruguay! She inspires me everyday to deepen my faith and to allow myself to define, question, and be confident in my beliefs. In the Diocese of Uruguay she is working as an Administrative Assistant for Special Projects.

Ryan Zavacky is living, praying, working, and teaching at Holy Cross School and Monastery in Grahmstown, South Africa. He is assisting teachers at the school and running an after-school program. He's also having quite the experience living and worshiping with the Brothers!

Dearest Kayla Massey is serving in the Philippines this year! She is also working very closely with Episcopal Relief & Development at the E-Care Center in Halsema. She's doing a lot of work getting her hands dirty with agriculture and food security programs!

Justin Davis III is "visiting ships and chillin' with Bishops"! He's working with the Mission to Seafarers in Hong Kong! He's really connecting with people and seeing some amazing things.

Rachel McDaniel is oh so patiently awaiting departure to Santa Maria, Brazil where she will be working with women's and youth ministries.  She is waiting for her visa before starting this wonderful work that she will be so great at.

Joey Anderson is working on a farm in Japan! Asian Rural Institute is his host for the year along with many chickens, ducks, pigs, goats, and gardens!

David Holton is another volunteer serving in the Philippines.  He's working as a teacher in an Episcopal secondary-school, using his many musical talents to enrich the lives of his students!

Elie Echeverry is another member of Team Africa for YASC! She is faithfully serving her community in Kenya this year!

Delaney Ozmun was a YASCer in Eldoret, Kenya that unfortunately had to end her year of service early. Her blog still offers some great insights into life as a YASCer in Africa in particular! And she is a great friend.

Judy Crosby is an honorary YASCer! She is a missionary for the Episcopal Church this year in Dodoma, Tanzania with Carpenter's Kids!

Another honorary YASCer, Bob Canter is serving in Honduras, building houses and whipping volunteers into shape!

Other Servers in Africa! 

These three don't serve in Burundi and aren't a part of YASC but they are doing amazing work, and I can certainly relate to a lot of their posts and reflections from life in Africa. 

Samantha McNelly has just started her service with the Peace Corps in Cameroon! She will be working in agribusiness after her training finishes in Ebolowa. I went to college with Sam!

Devin Johns is a volunteer for Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) which is the Presbyterian version of YASC! She's working this year in Zambia as a teacher for primary school children. Her blog is particularly insightful I think! Devin and I went to college together and attended Westminster Presbyterian Church in Wooster together! 

Lookman Mojeed is a poet, activist, photographer, and friend working for the Peace Corps in Cameroon as well! He's working in the health field and making a big impact on the community he is serving. We studied abroad and bonded together in Cameroon in 2012. 

Thank you all for reading!

The new 5th baby of Louis! (our helper at the house)

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  1. Thank you each and every one of you.... for the work you are doing around the world, and the support and love you freely give to one another! As a YASCer's Mom, I know my daughter is safe and loved every day because of all of you! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!